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Christmas market at Jihlava
Christmas tree and Orloj (Astronomical clock)
"The Czechs do Christmas better than anyone. It starts in November, with Advent markets and celebrations everywhere. Traditional food, little hand-made gifts, folk music, and dance done in folk costumes: the Czechs have it all. By December 1st, you are absolutely panting for Christmas, and the Czechs keep bringing it on."--from Prague for Beginners.

In Prague for Beginners, the main character is Elizabeth, an American living in 1994 post-Velvet Revolution Prague. She teaches English, an easy gig in those years when everyone was eager to absorb the big world that had been closed to them during Communist rule (1948-1989).
Elizabeth is enchanted by the mysteries of the city on the Vltava (and by a certain Chech man whose coming and goings in her life both excite and irritate here). She is knocked over by the glories of a traditional Czech Christmas.

Christmas market at Starometske namesti
Handcarved Czech Christmas creche


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In my novel Prague for Beginners: Finding Myself in Prague, Elizabeth Logan finds four ways to support herself in 1994 Prague.

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