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Vysoke nad Jizerou

This little mountain town, about two hours northeast of Prague, is where we will spend a week this August. We were there in 2013, just before we returned to the US to live in Florida. It was a peaceful week in a very quiet town. I look forward to being there again.

Magor’s Swansongs by Ivan Martin Jirous

They go to vote on the way from prayer
and from elections they go straight to church
so what did Sion rise up for there?
and what good did Mount Horeb serve?

Oh St. John Hus
Christianity – what a disgustJdou volit cestou z kostela
na mši jdou přímo z voleb
nač tady potom Sion stál
a k čemu hora Oreb?

Ach svatý Jene Husi
jak se mi křesťanstvo hnusí!-----
In honor of Jan Hus Day: This holiday commemorates the martyrdom of Jan Hus in 1415 and is always celebrated on 6 July.