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Prague for Beginners: Finding Myself in Prague

I've just published my novel about a young American woman living in Prague in 1994, Prague for Beginners: Finding Myself in Prague.

You can buy it as an ebook on at the link below. It's a Kindle book, but you can read it on your computer with the free Kindle app if you don't have a Kindle reader.

Prague for Beginners: Finding Myself in Prague

Here's an excerpt for Chapter One, where Elizabeth, the young American woman, goes to the main train station to buy a return ticket to Bamberg. She can't buy the ticket because they close the office, but she does meet a Czech man who's just her type:

"Defeated yet again, I walk out, falling into step with the youngish guy. Can this be love? As we pass into the big main hall, I turn toward the guy, wanting to find out if he does speak English and has an idea when the office might reopen, or if it’s even the right office at all. He is looking at me, so I try a simple “hello.” When his eyes remain wary, my heart s…