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Prague in August: Cucumber summer, or okurková sezóna

In August, my husband will travel to Prague to take care of some urgent business. Good luck to him in finding people in town and ready to do business!

August is in "cucumber summer," a Czech way to reference the hot part of summer when the plants in your garden get ripe all at the same time. It is the time to take a holiday, either to your chata (summer cabin) or out of the country, if you prefer.

August is also the month when everything in Prague slows down to the point of halting. With so many people on holiday, the government offices all but cease to function. Even normally-leisurely bank tellers and post office workers are slower than usual, as if the lassitude in the air has affected them.

Other countries have similar names for this season. According to Wikipedia,

"Other countries have comparable periods, for example theSommerloch("summer [news]hole") inGermany;Frenchhasla morte-saison("the dead season" or "the dull season") or "l…