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Prague for Beginners, in process

I wrote the last words of my novel Prague for Beginners on December 24, 2014. I thought I was done with it!

But here it is, April 2, 2015, and I am still working on the editing. I have done five edits myself of the 331-page manuscript. My husband Jarda has made a complete set of edits (focusing on Czech language and history), which I added to the manuscript.

I have added edits by one of my editors, Noah Shepherd, and am waiting for the final edits by my other editor, Melissa Lesley-Fox.

Now I am printing the manuscript 10 pages at a time, and finding an astonishing number of mistakes, typos, awkward sentences, unclear sentences and other elements that I still need to edit.

My intention was to publish by February or March 2015, but I have missed those deadlines, and am not as close as I hoped to be to having the e-book available for the people who've expressed an interest in reading the book, as well as the people I have yet to know who will read it!

My new goal is publication by l…