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Prague for Beginners

My novel Prague for Beginners is almost finished! I expect to compete it this week, send it to my Beta readers and my e-book designer, and have it for sale on by Spring 2015.

This book has been a labor of love, meant to introduce my readers to the Prague of 1994. The velvet Revolution was just over, the country had split from Slovakia and the Americans were pouring into Prague to supply financial and political advice to the Czechs, to sell them KFC and Coca-Cola, to help them market their amazing city and country, and to teach English, as Elizabeth Logan does.

Elizabeth finds her way through the rapid changes in the city and the traditional attitudes of the people around her, figuring out in the process who she is and why she is in Prague.

I am a bit sad to let go of Elizabeth, but hope you will want to read about her adventures in Golden Prague (Zlat√° Praha).