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Prague on my mind

I visited Prague (our home from 2010-2013) in August, and am now back in Florida, but I find that some of my personhood is still in Prague. I was discussing with my Prague-born, America-preferring husband that one of the things I like about Prague is that I find a better match for my values in Prague than in the US.

Here are a few value matches that come to mind:

1. More is not better. Czechs are frugal, conservative with money and thrifty. They don't indulge in, nor do they admire, conspicuous consumption. Czechs make do, stretch left-overs, repair things, and don't mind if their kitchen appliances do not match. Americans stand in line for the latest iPhone as if it were a rock concert, have oodles of pairs of shoes, want new cars, and must have granite countertops. I am much closer to the Czechs than to Americans in wanting to preserve and conserve, not spend and flaunt.

2. People are more important than ideologies or things. Americans may say this, but don't always act …