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Prague for Beginners

My novel Prague for Beginners is almost finished! I expect to compete it this week, send it to my Beta readers and my e-book designer, and have it for sale on by Spring 2015.

This book has been a labor of love, meant to introduce my readers to the Prague of 1994. The velvet Revolution was just over, the country had split from Slovakia and the Americans were pouring into Prague to supply financial and political advice to the Czechs, to sell them KFC and Coca-Cola, to help them market their amazing city and country, and to teach English, as Elizabeth Logan does.

Elizabeth finds her way through the rapid changes in the city and the traditional attitudes of the people around her, figuring out in the process who she is and why she is in Prague.

I am a bit sad to let go of Elizabeth, but hope you will want to read about her adventures in Golden Prague (Zlatá Praha). 

Prague on my mind

I visited Prague (our home from 2010-2013) in August, and am now back in Florida, but I find that some of my personhood is still in Prague. I was discussing with my Prague-born, America-preferring husband that one of the things I like about Prague is that I find a better match for my values in Prague than in the US.

Here are a few value matches that come to mind:

1. More is not better. Czechs are frugal, conservative with money and thrifty. They don't indulge in, nor do they admire, conspicuous consumption. Czechs make do, stretch left-overs, repair things, and don't mind if their kitchen appliances do not match. Americans stand in line for the latest iPhone as if it were a rock concert, have oodles of pairs of shoes, want new cars, and must have granite countertops. I am much closer to the Czechs than to Americans in wanting to preserve and conserve, not spend and flaunt.

2. People are more important than ideologies or things. Americans may say this, but don't always act …

to Prague, in August

No one goes to Prague in August to visit friends. Everyone who lives in Prague is gone, on vacation, traveling anywhere to get away from the heat and humidity of the city.

But when we planned our trip to Prague, we realized it had to be in August, due to a number of unavoidable situations. So we went to Prague in August and, in spite of people coming and going all around us, enjoyed every minute.

We lived in Bubeneč, which straddles Prague 6 and 7, but I think we were in Prague 6. It was the flat of a friend of a friend, a flat belonging to a family that was in NY state for the summer. It was fun to be in a place where little kids live, to see little shoes and tricycles neatly put away. We loved the kitchen, which is sunny and faces the interior courtyard.

We found two good restaurants, one a pub called "U verevky" (at the squirrels)

the other, an Indian restaurant at Hradčanska Metro station

I strolled around the neighborhood, enjoying the shop windows

We had coffee and mea…

Hello again

I thought I was done with "Prague Pies," but I still have some things to say about Prague. Here I am in Florida, having moved here with my husband in November 2013, adjusting to life in the USA, but my friends and family in Prague keep me posted on what's going on there.
 We're planning to spend July and August there, so Prague is on my mind today. Let me put up just a couple of photos of Prague in springtime.