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Do I dare relax?

This has been a very tumultuous spring in Prague. I'd like to consider two elements of living here that have been turbulent and unsettling for everyone in Prague, not just my husband and me.

The weather
It has been a long, dull, grey, rainy stretch of weather from the beginning of February, when we returned to Prague from Florida, up to now. I could count on two hands the number of memorably beautiful days--one was St Patricks Day in March, one was April 17 (the day before my birthday), one was May 19, and three were last week, when we went to Moravia for a spa holiday. The other days have been chilly, overcast and/or raining in buckets.

We had dramatic flooding in the CR (and all around Central Europe) early in June, resulting in billions of euros of damage and the death of 15 people.  

Even as late as yesterday, we had more rain and more localized flooding. It's sunny today but not warm--14 degrees Celsius, which is 52 degrees Fahrenheit, not exactly balmy for the end of June. 


Floods in Bohemia and Saxony, and summer days in Praha

My last post was written about a week before the Elbe floods that washed over the places we had just visited: Bad Schandau, Hrensko, and the Czech/German border. The floods have abated (there and here in Prague) and we have leapt straight from a wet, cold spring to a hot, hot summer.

We lived through the trauma of the floods in Prague during the first week in June, to which you must add the trauma of the mayor being deposed just before the floods (I have no idea how this was done, but it was legal, I guess--one day the mayor is the mayor, the next day he is whisked from City Hall with no real explanation), and then the trauma of the Prime Minister's most trusted assistant being led away from his offices in handcuffs by masked policemen.

 It was rainy and cool every day for the first 2.5 weeks of June, so that mold grew on a towel in the kitchen--ugh. It was not a great lead-in to summer.

We booked ourselves a spa stay in Moravia, just to get away from it all. Then the weather turn…