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Rites of spring

In my young adult years I lived in Northern New York, way up by the St Lawrence River, in St Lawrence County.
There, the winters are long, and the snow, ice, freezing, thawing, refreezing and so on, last at least six months. One important annual spring ritual is the fixing of the potholes.

You knew it was spring when suddenly your well-traveled routes were blocked by big gravel trucks, steamrollers, back hoes, front loaders and a bunch of guys standing around leaning on their shovels.

The rites of spring here in Prague are slightly different. Here, you know it's spring when the public transportation system goes berserk (by the way, this word, from Old Norse berserkr, probably from ber- bear + serkr shirt, describesan ancient Scandinavian warrior frenzied in battle and held to be invulnerable or one whose actions are recklessly defiant. So I am saying that the Dopravni Podnik Praha,, is either a crazed warrior or just plain defiant.) in its efforts to maintain and repair hun…

Spring, finally...but no Tram 22...

Yesterday I went to the city center to have lunch with my friend Iris. As I walked out of my house, I congratulated myself on guessing correctly about what to wear--I had chosen long cotton pants and a cotton pullover sweater.

Then as I congratulated myself on my excellent decision, I saw in front of me a young woman dressed for winter--coat, dark tights, and a scarf.
 As I looked at her, a young man brushed past me in a pink polo shirt and plaid Bermuda shorts.
That about sums up Spring this year. When you leave home, you are only guessing what the day will hold. However, yesterday seemed to mark the true advent of Spring in Prague, only 3-5 weeks late (depending on what news you watch, on which day).

So the sunshine, blue skies, singing birds, upthrusting bulbs and general lightening of mood that is Spring are finally here. Not to say that every day is like this; there are still dull skies, rain showers, brisk breezes and so on, interspersed. But you do believe that Spring will be b…