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Tesco woes, or here we go again!

You may be aware that Prague is not a consumer-friendly city. The whole concept of shopping has yet to blossom here. Stores don't know how to sell in a welcoming way, and people don't know how to shop, other than to pile up stuff and pay for it.

We know this. So normally, we shop for food right by our flat. The Vietnamese potraviny, where they love us, has all the basics--milk, cheese, some bread, yogurt, teabags, nice French preserves and so on.

We may go further afield, to DM on Francouzsk√°, one of a German chain of drugstores that has a pretty good health food section.

Near DM are several other potravinies, one of which specializes in fresh vegetables.

There is also a Paneria, one of a chain that offers coffee bread, cakes and croissants. Their selection is small, and they close on weekends (naturally--the weekend is when a hungry person might have time to sit down and savor a pastry, so we'll close, just to avoid making money). But if you catch them early in the day, t…

Sun, sun, sun on St Pat's Day

Is St Patrick the patron saint of the sun? Since he was born in Scotland and lived many years in Ireland, probably not--more the patron of mist and cloud.

But today, St. Patrick's Day, we are flooded with lovely sunshine!!!

to read a short review of his life (written by me), go to this link:

scroll nearly to the bottom and click the St Patrick icon--it will open a PDF files of the newsletter.

Enjoy the sunshine!!!


Last week, it snowed. It was charming. The week before, it snowed. Even more charming. This week, it snowed. Not charming.

I shouldn't complain, as the UK, Belgium and northern Europe had a calamitous snowstorm yesterday that stopped traffic, etc. Our snow is about 1 mm deep.

Still, it makes the sidewalks weird to walk on. There are 4 surfaces:

1. dry sidewalk, either tiny slippery marble squares or plain old asphalt.

2. wet sidewalk (see #1).

3. icy sidewalk that has partially melted, but will be horrible when it refreezes.

4. snow, melted and slushy.

It's enough, don't you think, of winter?  March 13? Almost Easter?

On a more cheerful note, they are settng up the Easter Market at nam. Miru:

Spring has sprung

We were most fortunate not to be in Prague in January, when the sun did not shine, apparently. In February, when we returned from Florida and Ireland, we noticed the abundance of grey days and sunless afternoons, but it was only for a month, so it not so bad.

But March seems to be a different creature. It's only the third, but so far we've had two days with some significant sunshine!

There is now reason to hope that the sun will shine more often, the trees will bud and bloom, and the earth with be a soft fuzzy green carpet of shoots.