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Silvestr 2013

I am really missing Prague tonight. Here in FL it's almost midnight, but in Prague, it's been 2013 for nearly 6 hours. There are some half-hearted fireworks near our flat, but nothing like the blow-out in Prague. Now we have the Times Square celebration on TV. It's nice, but cannot compare to the lovely Old Town Square of Prague.

We're bringing out the champagne in Lake Mary, and I am looking forward to returning to Prague in February 2013.

Reverse culture shock

I simply must write this--it's so strange--I am having culture shock in my own native land.

We've been in the US for 18 days, and I am just now realizing that I have been shocked. Here are some symptoms:

1. mood swings: I was elated to get here, mostly because we took it slow and easy with 4 days in Dublin between Prague and Orlando, and I didn't get sick. Even the plane ride over the ocean was pleasant and bearable. But within a few days, I was distraught over the amount of money we are spending to live in Florida and the necessity to have a car, which costs a fortune to rent.

2. small vs huge: I like Prague because it's compact, intimate and orderly (the very reasons my husband does not like Prague--he feels closed in). Florida seems sprawling, full of strangers and wildly chaotic.

3. shopping: Prague has a limited selection of stuff to buy. Sometimes I really hate that, as you can't find what you want. Florida has tons and tons of stuff, for sale in enormous sto…