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hey, Google, I am not Czech!

Many Internet sites have some kind of built-in system for figuring out where you're logging in from, and tailoring the site to fit that address. For example,, one of my favorites for getting an overview of hotel rooms available and prices, comes up in Czech, with CZK (Czech koruna) as the default money. But I can easily change it to English (British or American!) and get the amount in CZK, US dollars, British pounds or Euros--or anything else I want, for that matter. And if I want to read the hotel descriptions in English, but get prices in CZK, I can do that--no problem.

But Google is more stubborn. Whenever I log on to Google, it goes to the Czech default. This is in spite of my choosing English umpteen million times--I still have to it again, every time. Just to be playful, it sometimes comes up in English, but when I start to search, it goes to Czech. Umph.

Now, after two years of living here, I can manage enough Czech to look for a hotel room, or a restaurant, or…