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spring, people and the weather

Spring began here officially in March, and it's a classic spring for Prague. One day is warm, sunny and so full of promise that you feel like a teenager.

People are suddenly everywhere--the trams are packed with tourists and city dwellers, the streets resound with foreign languages, the fashionistas come out of their winter coats and show the world their bright, tight clothes.

The weather does its flirty, maddening best to catch you off-guard. A sunny morning turns into a chilly, rainy afternoon--and where's your umbrella? A cool, brisk morning gets you to bundle up, and the afternoon sun beating down makes you strip off your coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and so on.

Prague is an emotional city, as Slavs are emotionally volatile. As my Polish boss told me, "Polish people only feel happy on sunny, warm days. Otherwise they are gloomy, like the weather." So spring is a time of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, and sudden changes.