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Spring and a few observations on public transportation in Prague

Transition time again. Today it's rather mild, a bit windy and the sky is white.

This seems to be our Spring pattern in Prague. It's not easy to know what to wear if you're going out for the day, as the morning might necessitate your winter coat, which may make you feel all sweaty and burdened by the afternoon. When you travel by foot and/or public transportation (for which you wait outdoors) rather than by nice, cocoon-like car, you really pay attention to the weather!

I've been traveling on the bus/tram Metro system quite a bit the past few weeks, and I've been impressed with a few repeated sights:

1. the blank public-transportation-stare-at-nothing. Entering a tram car, you see a bunch of people who apparently have been flash-frozen. Their faces reveal nothing. Eyes stare straight ahead, dull and opaque. Mouths are set in a grim line. They are like the three monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Young people usually are plugged into Ipods or readin…