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Crazy weather

It seems like the weather is getting crazier all over the world. I don't know if it just SEEMS that way because we have instant updates on every weather event, whereas in years past it might takes months to hear about floods in Thailand, for example.
 Anyway, the month of October here had gorgeous days with sun and warmth, chilly days with wind and rain, and overcast days like today with cold and no wind. The trees are changing color and shedding leaves. I have always loved October and will miss it when it's gone. But look on the bright side--we get back our hour of sleep on October 30!!!

not much empathy in Prague

"Empathy" is not a household word. It's often confused with sympathy but is quite different.

Empathy means that you feel what someone else feels. The old saying to "walk a mile in my moccasins" refers to this skill. Sympathy, on the other hand, implies feelings of pity for someone's sufferings.

Of course, sympathy is wonderful. It can be balm for an injured soul. But it has limits, and it implies a superior/inferior relationship. Sympathy usually has no solutions for problems. It is limited to feeling sorrow and pity for another's plight. Sympathy doesn't usually concern itself with analyzing why a problem exists, or how it can be changed. Example: you are watching TV and see an ad to send money to an African country with famine. Thin children, babies crying from hunger and hopeless-eyed women tug at the heartstrings. You may send some money, but the underlying problems of political instability, corruption, and poor distribution of food will not be c…