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Weather, fashion and whatever

We are having a glorious Indian summer here in Prague. The weather is simply perfect, with slightly cool, crisp mornings followed by long sunny afternoons. The leaves are just starting to change color, and the city is graciously lovely.

I am off every morning to work, a strange sensation after not having a regular job for a year, but I like it. It's fun to see everyone else as they start their day. I have noted 5 major fashion trends in Vinohrady, as I travel to my job:

1. Older women in the same clothes I wore in junior high school.

Plaid skirts cut on the bias, knee socks, pullover sweaters, button-front shirts and blazers are the basics of this fashion statement. These women are about my age, and the clothes look like they are also the same age, but lovingly cared for and in perfect shape. I really enjoy seeing these women wearing 1964 fashions from Louisville, KY in Prague. Oddly, the men of that age mostly wear suits that could be from any time after WWII.

2. Older women and …