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Hot and cold

The spring and summer here have been a changing feast. From unseasonably hot weather in April to cool weather and rain yesterday, we've had a veritable buffet of weather. The frequent rain has given us green, green meadows and pretty streams.

The city is full of gardens, with flowers and trees of all kinds.


Another year, coming up!

We have had a month of decisions and solutions. Yesterday we signed an amendment to our lease that states we will live in this flat for another year, till June 1, 2012. And tomorrow I will sign a teaching contract beginning in September 2012 with the preschool where I had a consulting assignment in April and May.

So we are here for another year, at least. Until you've lived in another country by your own choice (not because of a company transfer or teaching contract), you can't quite grasp the agony of deciding whether to go back "home," go to another country or stay where you are.

Since we've lived here, two close friends have returned from Prague to the USA. In neither case did the friend make the decision lightly. Another friend, not American, is currently in the midst of decision-making to return to her homeland, move to another flat in Prague, or move to another country.

If you have a nice stable job, are happily married, own a home, have kids in school, have …