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Love those February flowers in Prague!

Sky: grey. Temperature: shivery. Flowers: gorgeous!


I saw this sign from the tram window the other day. I was puzzling out the top word, TATE--"tah-teh" if pronounced in the Czech way. What could it mean?
Then I saw MOMA, LOUVRE--oh, it's a list of world-class art museums!! It's the Tate in London! Hahaha!

Spring flirts with us

Today was simply lovely. The skies were blue with big puffy grey and white clouds, with a spring breeze making for some dramatic lighting effects. It was warm enough to wear just a light jacket, and the snow has melted. It was a pleasure to be outside. I went to Modrany to tutor my Korean student, and I got some nice photos.

Snow, again

We had the most beautiful snowfalls in December. They blanketed the city with a smooth, creamy cushion of white, covering the dog doos, the cigarette butts, the pieces of miscellaneous trash and the general decrepitude of some sidewalks and streets with a fairy-tale enchantment.

In January it all melted, and the streets looked filthy. No matter how many times the Komwag people came around with their brooms and dustpans to hand-clean the streets and sidewalks, the debris won. Walking Klaus was an obstacle course around all kinds of unidentifiable (and thus more disgusting) bits and heaps of trash.

Today it's snowing again. Jarda and I are enjoying the flakes, cheering them on. Snow covers all!