Vrchlabi for New Year's

Radnice, Vrchlabi
Janske Lazne
Our cousin Kaja and his girlfriend Jana invited us for the New Year holidays to the Giant Mountains (KRKONOŠE). We had a fabulous time! We stayed in a pension and made day trips to the gateway town of  Vrchlabi;, to ŠPINDLERŮV MLÝN, the big ski area; to Janské Lázně, a gorgeous hot mineral spa surrounded by ski slopes; and to the historical town of Jičín.

Hillside behind our pension
Backyard of our pension in Vrchlabi
In the backyard at Vrchlabi
Silvestr, New Year's Eve, was spent with the owners of our pension. They told us how they restored the house from a ruin. It had been a pub, a Youth Center under communism, a library and so on. After WWII, the Czechs expelled the Sudeten Deutsch (people of German heritage living in the Czech border areas--Hiltler annexed the Sudetenland after he annexed Austria, in 1938) as a kind of "balancing the scales of justice" for the damage done by Hitler's occupation of Czechoslovakia from 1939-1945. The Sudetenland was empty and many towns became desolate ghost-towns. Our hosts bought the big old house (from the 1880's) we stayed in and restored it, bit by bit, into a large pension.


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