a matter of perspective

Two comments on perspective:
1. I just went shopping on Francouzska ulice, a busy street. On the sidewalk, which was partly blocked by delivery people, window washers, and so on, a woman was talking into her cell phone. She was holding a little dog. Her little daughter walked in front of me out of a doorway, causing me to stop, the person behind me to stop, and so on. The little girl stood there--mama paid no attention, just talked into phone. I finally got around her. A nuisance! Then 20 minutes later I saw a woman with a cute little dog and little girl walking on the other side of the street. Aw..sweet! But it was the same woman...
2. When I come out of the apartment house, which opens right on to the street, I look to be sure that no one is passing the door at that moment. But when I pass other people's doors, they charge out without looking. They're so rude! Except when I am in a hurry and I charge out my door without looking...

It just depends on your perspective.


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