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Churches and the like

Naturally, a city that became officially Christian in the 9th century is completely full of gorgeous churches. Every part of Prague has cathedrals, chapels, and basilicas in Romanesque, Gothic, Neo-Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Cubist, Functionalist styles. Here's a wonderful website with photos of many churches of these architectural periods:

Vinohrady--the King's Vineyard

The neighborhood we're moving to is called Vinohrady ("the King's Vineyards"). Centuries ago, this hilly area outside the city of Prague was, indeed, a vineyard. There's still a small vineyard at Grebovska sady, a park a few blocks from us, as well as a restaurant, a noble villa, and lovely winding paths through trees and flowers. Also nearby is Riegerovy sady, with a fine view of the Hradcany castle complex. The neighborhood has gracious 19th century bourgeoisie apartment buildings, offering a choice of pleasant, affordable flats on streets filled with small restaurants, cheese shops, potravinies (all-purpose small grocery stores), pubs and wine bars, bakeries (some specialize in breads, others in Viennese pastries), fruit and vegetable stores, and the ubiquitous "Vietnamese shops" that stock a little bit of everything, like an American old-fashioned general store.

My newest blog

We're moving to Prague next week, and I'm inspired to start a blog about my life there. My husband Jarda and I have operated a business in Prague and in the USA since 1990, and moving there has been a dream of our since 2002. Now we're moving!